Thanda Island

Thanda Island

Privacy and Seclusion, defined.

Upon arrival, Thanda Island instantly becomes your Indian Ocean home. This storied place is located off the coast of Tanzania and was inspired by the traditions of iconic properties where family generations reconnect and spend precious time together.

Thanda Island is shared by a generous Scandinavian family who, with their team, are the attentive custodians of this sanctuary and the warm-water marine reserve that surrounds it.

The island is the perfect antidote to the complexities and noise of modern life. It feels as time has been put on pause; the definition of slow travel. It is natural, pristine and magical, and entirely for you and your family.

Here, less is more, and you are embraced by simplicity as far as the eye can see. There is a soulfulness to the island, which is quiet and exciting at the same time. You will feel a sense of adventure, that salt of the earth feeling, as trade wind explorers might have as they embarked on their next voyage.

The journey for us thus far has undoubtedly been an adventure we would love to share with you.

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