CIPOD - Extraordinary Cinema

CIPOD – Extraordinary Cinema

Balancing Art and Science

Here, within CIPOD, is the only place on earth where you can access the minds of the cinematic director, the musicians and the engineers who bring art and life to the silver screen.

Here, in this protected cocoon, all your senses get attuned to the original intent of the cinematographers and the journey they wanted you to take with them.

Here, you enter a private and secure place where unrivalled acoustics and pioneering audio-visual technology lets you leave the outside world behind.

Each pod is a standalone, independent creation only making physical contact with the existing space via sound-eliminating springs. Every material is selected to deliver the most nuanced aesthetic and acoustic performance in the world.

Sound oscillating 3D materials combine with JBL Synthesis audio systems and DOLBY ATMOS for full cinematic immersion. The best in 4K ultra-HD projector from SONY which, in combination with a 16:9 ratio Ultimate Screens projection or a 2.39:1 cinemascope Anamorphic ratio screen, provides unrivalled image quality. We might be getting technical now, so we invite you to come and experience the extraordinary cinema within CIPOD. 

Customisable Design

Each CIPOD is unique, with every aspect of its configuration, fabric and finish tailored to the customer’s specifications from a selection of the very finest materials and acoustic-enhancing 3D fabrics.

Each pod is handcrafted with exacting attention, and every material from the luxury wool carpets, stretched silk and 3D fabrics is chosen to deliver the ultimate aesthetic and acoustic performance; a fine balance of art and science.

Ergonomically designed luxury seats, complete with touch control panel to adjust seat position, ensure maximum comfort and ultimate convenience. A state-of-the-art Crestron home automation system, accessible via remote, iPad or wall control, conveniently centralises lighting, temperature, volume and channel adjustments to your exact preferences.

Spine-tingling audio visuals

Each pod employs the theatre specification 9.4.4 Dolby ATMOS sound system from our eitherJBL or Meridian to provide a completely immersive audio experience. Simply close the door and lose yourself in full low-frequency surround sound thanks to a minimum of thirteen speakers, consisting of four sub-woofers, 4 ceiling speakers and a further seven wall speakers surrounding the pod.

​Each pod is a stand-alone, independent unit only making physical contact with the existing room or location via rubber-based sound-eliminating springs. This enables the pod to be soundproofed and eliminates outside sound pollution from entering into the pod. This unique immersive experience is a true ground-breaking first for home cinema.

At the heart of each CIPOD is a 4k ultra-HD projector which, in combination with a 16:9 ratio Ultimate Screens projection screen or a 2.39:1 cinema scope Anamorphic ratio screen, provides the very best in image quality.

The screen is uniquely constructed from acoustically transparent material to ensure sound passes directly through from the speakers with no reduction in audio enjoyment.

Complete Peace of Mind

Every CIPOD is equipped with a technical concierge service providing round the clock support and advice, while remote diagnostics alert the team if performance ever falls below optimum; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CIPOD also offers a comprehensive before, during and after-service package.

CIPOD is specifically designed to minimise environmental impact.
It employs a patented Combi E cooler for silentand consistent air regulation without the aid of refrigeration, while cutting-edge LED technology maximises energy efficiency without compromising lumen output and effect.

Arrange a visit to our London showroom

Please contact us at the details below to arrange a visit to view a CIPOD first-hand. It will be our pleasure to tailor a unique CIPOD experience to your requirements.

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